How we got into Floating

Floating for us started around 3 years ago.  In search for relief from chronic pain from Lymes Disease, I had started listening to health and wellness podcasts looking for some help.  I had tried several ways, including doctors, physical therapists, pain medication, and mental therapists with little relief. However, I was determined to find something that worked.  I went from being a marathoner and long distance cyclist to someone that could barely move almost overnight.

The health and wellness podcasts got me interested in trying floating.  They spoke of the relief from pain that the weightlessness provided, amongst the other benefits of anxiety and stress reduction.  On vacation in Chicago, we found a float center and decided to try it out.  It was that day I found relief.  The pain I had in my lower back stopped while floating and I left that float center feeling refreshed.  A couple weeks later I tried floating again in St. Paul and felt the muscles in my back finally relax after being tense for a very long time.  It was as if I had forgotten what relaxed was suppose to feel like.  When I felt those muscles let go and the felt relief, I knew then floating was going in my life.  A month later my Dad and I built a float tank in my basement, and have used it every week for over two years.  I find so many benefits from using it.  It is an excellent place to relax, think, meditate, and just breathe.  In August of 2016 we decided that we wanted to share floating with our community.  We have been working on getting a float center in the Red River Valley since then and we are so pleased that we are finally open and able to provide this service.