Floating for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Since I was a child, I have been anxious.  As an adult, my worrying and anxiety only intensified and created more problems for me.  A few years ago I was reintroduced to yoga and the resting that comes at the end of it, savasana.  The first class I had attended ended with a good 5 minutes of silence and rest.  Five whole minutes where there were no kids asking me to do things for them, no dinner to be made or laundry to be done, no demands on me at all.  It was blissful!  All the next week I waited to get back to the that class.  That five minutes became the best part of my week.  Then one day, we didn't get that five minutes.  I was angry and disappointed.  The thing was that now that I knew how important that time was, the time for just me, it was not something I was going to let go of so easily, 

Not long after that, I decided meditation needed to become a priority.  My counselor had suggested it a couple months before, but I scoffed at the idea of taking time to "do nothing".  I had never been one to take time for myself, as it seemed counterproductive to do nothing when there was so much to do.   With stresses building in my life, something had to give.  At that point I started a small meditation practice.  Most days, after work, before getting the kids, I spent 10-15 minutes doing yoga by myself and then laying down on my mat and doing nothing.  Within a couple weeks I was amazed at how I could be worrying about something to the point of driving myself insane, then stop and not think about the problem, or much of anything, and get off my mat knowing how to solve the problem.  It would be like a lightbulb went off in my head.  So,  started making it a bigger priority.  Now I practiced every day and found I was less crabby with my kids and husband.  I had more patience at work and came up with new ideas and ways of approaching difficult tasks.  

After about a year, I was introduced to floating.  The first time I entered a tank, I thought about how there were no lights (we have lights at Waves) and there was no way to really explore where I would be laying, completely vulnerable, for the next hour.  I took a breath and shut the lid.  Upon leaving that tank, everything felt new and wonderful.  My body felt light and airy, my mind clear and calm.  My husband found floating greatly helped him and built a tank in our basement.  Read more of his experience here.  So my floating practice started. Once a month, I would go into this little room in our basement and leave feeling refreshed.  My meditation practice became a daily priority and for around 15 minutes now.  At this point I noticed that things people did that used to bother me and leave me frustrated or angry no longer bothered me as much.  With medical guidance and less anxiety, I managed to stop taking my anti-anxiety medication.  That was a huge step for me, as it was something I had never wanted to do, but had to do for my sanity.  After a few months, I started seeing my counselor less, and then not at all.  She was impressed with the change in me as well.  Also, my creativity was building as was my confidence in my personal decisions.  I felt was vastly different and more happy in my own skin.  I could do things I would once never have believed I could do, one of which was resigning from my job and deciding to start my own business.  It was just the path that needed to be taken at the time.  

Now my goal is to float weekly.  If I float less frequently, my anxiety starts to grow and I have less patience.  Now, I am not going to say I am patient and calm all of the time, since that is not something that most people can manage.  I can say, I am calmer, happier, and have the tools to go through life with more patience and calm. 

Ultimately, this was why we opened Waves, we wanted to help others that had similar issues like we did.  We know it can work, because it worked so well for us.  So we invite you to come in and get to know yourself a little better.  Meditation knowledge is not required to float.  We can help you with that if you want to go that direction.  All that is needed is an open mind and a little time.  We hope you leave feeling lighter and happier and more confident to face the world.  If you ever have any questions, just ask.  Our goal is to help you.