Floating and Creativity

Art Night at Waves.png

John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Robin Williams all floated. Susan Sarandon, Jeff Bridges, Kristen Wiig, Jim Carrey, and Michael Crichton all float for various reasons.  These are some of the most well known people in their creative careers.  Besides the most famous actors, authors, artists, and musicians, a large number of other creative people float to boost their creativity among other reasons.  We want to boost the creativity for the community, so for the next couple months, we are offering a night dedicated to creating and floating.  You don't have to float in order to come to Art Night @ Waves, but we would love to have some people float and then see how it affects their creativity.  The event is $20 for the art and supplies as well as a 15 minute session in our massage chair.  If you want to come in and float these days, the art and massage chair session during Art Night is free!

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