Pay what you can


Pay What you can

Here’s the deal: We love providing floats and love seeing everyone’s relaxed faces, and hearing stories on how floating and using Waves Float Center have changed peoples lives for the better. We love it. We also get that floating is an expense and some people can’t afford a membership or a float at all. Between June 8th and June 16th we will offer people a deal to pay what they can with some incredible deals. Float credits purchased during this time will not expire so celebrate with us by stocking up on some floats :)


Promo Codes

These promotional codes will work with 60 minute float sessions. These float credits will not expire so take advantage of our celebration sale!

Click here —>I Can Pay $10 (limit 3)

Click here —>I can Pay $20 (limit 10)

Click here —>I Can Pay $30 (limit 100)

Click here —>I Can Pay $45 (limit 1,000,000)